Meet our Student Support Staff

Our student support staff fills a variety of roles, and we couldn't do all that we do without them!

Meet our student support staff

Michaela Dengg, Graduate Research Associate (headshot)

Michaela Dengg

Graduate Research Associate

Michaela joined Career Success as our Graduate Research Associate in August 2020, when she started her Ph.D. in Higher Education and Student Affairs at The Ohio State University. Michaela is from Germany where she received her Teaching Certificate and a BA in English and French from the University of Regensburg and her MA in Management of Intercultural Issues and Development from the Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg. Michaela assists the Resource Planning Analyst in conducting a qualitative alumni study on “The Value of the Liberal Arts and Sciences.” 


Lu's headshot

Luxin Yin

Graduate Research Associate 

Luxin Yin is the Graduate Associate in the College of Arts and Sciences Center for Career and Professional Success from August 2022, bringing nearly one year of professional experience working in the career center at Northeast Normal University in China. Between 2020 to 2022, Luxin won a full-scholarship MA in Erasmus+ Children’s literature, media and culture (2020-2022), and now she is studying Medical Humanities in the English Department the Ohio State University. Her research focuses on the disciplines of narrative studies, trauma studies, and pedagogical studies. 





Emmanuela Duruji

Emmanuela Duruji

Hi! My name is Emmanuela Duruji. I am a junior double majoring in Economics and Political Science. On campus, I am involved in Career Success, The Program for Advancing Scholarship and Service, Residence Life and Global Leadership Initiative. I enjoy reading books and watching a good movie. After graduation, I hope to either go to Law School or get an MBA! 


Connor Fairfield

Hi! My name is Connor Fairfield, and I am fourth year student majoring in both International Relations and Political Science. Outside of the classroom, most of my time is dedicated to being the President of the Ohio State Rugby team, being a member of the Alexander Hamilton Society and as well as belonging to Beta Theta Pi fraternity. In terms of other interests, I would say that I am an avid sports fan for Ohio State and Cleveland sports teams. When I am not playing rugby or cheering on my favorite teams, I also enjoy spending time with friends and living in the moment. After graduation I hope to become either a policy maker or policy analyst at the state, national or international level as well.


Camryn Little

Hi, I’m Camryn Denise Little and I’m a fourth year from Baltimore, Maryland, double majoring in Dance and Human Development and Family Science. Serving as a Peer Career Coach last year, I have a burning desire to assist the students in the Ohio State community! I am excited to begin this new journey as a Senior Peer Career Coach!


José Aviles

Hello all! my name is José, I come from a small town in Massachusetts, it is my second year here at OSU, and my major is Zoology in Bachelor of Arts. I love playing volleyball, the warm weather, and nature! I hope to be able to help anyone with the best of my abilities!


Justin Cheng

Hi! My name is Justin Cheng and I am a CSE major student. I love playing video games, especially games from Nintendo, and I really want to establish an indie game studio in the future. This is my first semester to be a peer career coach, so I will try my best to learn more related skills and support more students to help them succeed in their careers. 



Ashley Hamilton

Hello! My name is Ashley Hamilton, and I am a 4th year PPE (Philosophy, Politics, and Economics) major. I am from Mansfield, Ohio and originally, I went to University of Cincinnati then transferred to OSU my sophomore year. Although this is my first year as a Peer Career Coach, I am very excited to dive into helping students feel more confident in their professional development. I enjoy meeting new people, and this a great chance to connect with other students while supporting them.


Sophie Rice

Hi! My name is Sophie Rice (she/her), and I am a sophomore here at OSU. I study geography and linguistics. I am a polyglot and enjoy nothing more than learning languages. I am a fluent Norwegian speaker, and I was just in Oslo this past summer studying! I look forward to meeting and getting to know new people and assisting students looking for career success advice. 



Emilie Valjato

I’m Emilie Valjato, I am a sophomore and a financial mathematics major with a minor in sociology. I am a part of the Law and Society scholars here on campus, considering I want to go to law school after undergrad. I am looking forward to being able to help and watch the confidence build in myself and others.



Marketing Intern


Breanna Bocik Photo

Brenna Bocik

Graphic Design Intern
Exercise Science, Spring 2024

Brenna joined the Career Success team in the Spring of 2022 as a Graphic Design focused intern. She has enjoyed creating content that is specifically tailored to what her fellow students will connect with. 

"Even though I was born and raised in Tennessee, I come from a long line of alumni that fully embody being a “Buckeye for life”. My major has solidified my passion for occupational therapy and incorporates my knowledge from dance training with academics."

For Brenna, at the end of the day, students need to find a career that doesn't feel like work. Instead focus on what you enjoy and find a way to use those skills to give back to your community.

Kloe Kuhn

Kloe Kuhn

Marketing Intern

Bachelor of Art with minor in education, Spring 2024 

Kloe joined Career Success in Fall 2022. As a marketing Intern Kloe supports Career Success by developing creative graphic designs for programs, sponsors and events.. She enjoys being able to incorporate her artistic personality into the job and display her skills.   Kloe is currently working towards her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a studio emphasis in drawing and painting. This allows her to use her creative mindset in a career setting as well as expand her skills in a different area of Art.  

“I started getting big into Art in high school and loved it, but never thought I would be doing anything with it. I decided my sophomore year that it is something that makes me happy so I wanted  to pursue it.  Having the opportunity to do what I love as my job does not make it feel like work. Since I started working with Career success it has made me feel important in such a large University setting. I enjoy being able to help the team and successfully create the work that is given to me. One of the coolest things as an Artist that I have experienced with this job was going to work my first Career Fair and seeing the artwork that I created at the event and feeling a sense of recognition. “ 

She looks forward to learning more and gaining tools from this internship that will help her in the future. One thing that she hopes for is that her designs stick out and bring students to Career Success to get any help or information they may be needing to benefit them and their future career choices. 


Channiahh Whipple

Lead Video Intern







Jon Little, Student Assistant, Headshot

Jon Little

Student Assistant
Molecular Genetics, 2024

Jon's fascination with the Human Genome inspired him to study Molecular Genetics and he hopes to one day work on genetic diseases. The field is very full of possibilities and rife with excitement in his eyes. He's glad to be at Ohio State because the huge campus affords him many opportunities while also keeping him close to home. 

Since 2021, Jon's been a part of the Career Success team and has assisted the staff in numerous ways. He enjoys the variety this position brings, without being too overwhelming. To all the students looking for career advice, Jon says to 

"Be yourself and stay authentic."

Tika Sanyasi, Student Assistant, Headshot

Tika Sanyasi

Actuarial Science/Business
Spring 2025

Tika, a freshman, is very excited to be at Ohio State and a part of Career Success. He's thankful that his role allows him needed flexibility between his work and the course load of a dual major. Additionally, 


"Being in a place with people who are all working toward the goal to help student achieve their goals just makes this the right place to work."

Tika chose Ohio State because of the Actuarial Science and Business programs. He knew he wanted to work with math and bring those skills into his career, making OSU a natural choice. As a double major, he advises students to be willing to look into other majors. Especially when early in your time at school, don't feel too tied to your major as there can be other ways to get the education and skills you're looking for. 


Sophie Schmidt

Spring 2026

I am excited and grateful to be a part of Career Success because of the comfortable, motivating atmosphere created by the department’s dedicated staff. While I am currently Undecided in The College of Arts and Sciences, I am leaning towards a major in history and a minor in Spanish. Career Success has shown me that there are countless opportunities and resources available to students that help them feel confident and prepared in their career path choices. My favorite part of Career Success is the department’s belief that all students have the potential to succeed on any path they choose, creating an extremely welcoming and accepting space for all students to professionally grow. For all students looking for career advice, I say that they should believe in themselves because everybody is amazing and worthy of good things


Hibatallah Khafagy

Spring 2026

Hi, my name is Hiba Khafagy. I am a freshman majoring in Biology on a pre-med track. I am very happy to be here at Ohio State as it's a college full of opportunities and adventures. And I am very glad to be working in the Career Success team. The Career Success team is a team of great environment. And I am very happy to be in a place where everyone is after success, and working towards their goals!


Laurel Chang

Spring 2025

Currently a sophomore, I am excited to work in a different setting with different opportunities and responsibilities. I am interested in microbiology because of all the varieties of microorganisms there are to learn about. Deciding whether or not to do research and might turn towards the food science route of microbiology.



Caleb Tomlin

Spring 2025

Hi, I'm Caleb Tomlin and I am a second year student at The Ohio State University. I am currently studying Finance with a minor in Real Estate. I have plans in the future to attend law school. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my friends and meeting new people.