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Government, International Affairs and Public Policy

Government, International Affairs, and Public Policy is a career community that focuses on governance, national security, Foreign Service, planning, regulation, and administration at the local, state, and federal levels. The positions in this field enforce and determine policy through political systems and institutions, ensuring that fundamental rights are universally guaranteed.

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Personal or general interests that indicate this community might be a good fit:
Current events, politics, speech and debate, understanding public policy, humanitarian efforts, economic and public policy, cybersecurity and intelligence.

Industries in which
you might seek employment
after graduation:


Careers you might consider
after graduation:

  • State and Local government
  • Federal government
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Research
  • Foreign Affairs
  • NGOs and Nonprofits
  • Corrections facilities
  • National Security
  • Lobbying
  • Legal Services
  • Policy Development
  • Governance
  • Civil Service
  • Campaign Manager
  • Lobbyist
  • Corrections Officer
  • Military
  • Foreign Services Officer
  • Intelligence Officer
  • Local, State or Federal Politician

 Meet Your Career Coach:

Megan D'Angelo, Career Coach (headshot)

Megan D'Angelo, M.Ed (She/her/hers )

Career Coach

Megan joined the Career Success team in November 2021. After graduating from Bowling Green State University with a B.S. in Dietetics in 2018, she completed her M.Ed in College Student Personnel at Ohio University in 2021. She has gained experience working with campus programming, career and leadership development, first-year student programs and classroom instruction. Megan is excited to serve as a resource while providing encouragement and empathy for students as they pursue their career goals.  



Jobs and Internships for members of this Career Community

Guides and tip sheets you'll find useful:

  1. Military Resume Sample
  2. Government Positions Resume Sample
  3. Global Competencies Resume Sample
  4. Exploring Security, Public Safety, and Investigation Careers
  5. Finding Work Abroad
  6. Searching for a Job in Natural Resources

Helpful Links for members of this Career Community

USA Jobs
USAJobs is the U.S. Government’s official system for posting Federal jobs and internships. Some Federal agencies post their openings on their individual sites, though.  Therefore, when interested in a specific government unit, it’s best to look on BOTH USAJobs and the unit’s website.

Go Government
Resource for finding and applying to federal jobs and internships.

Site operated by the Office of U.S. Personnel Management.
State of Ohio hiring management system.

Public Service Careers
Organizations that work closely to support government entities fall within the “public service sector” and include lobbyists, NGO’s, and nonprofit foundations.

Political Job Hunt
The latest listings of jobs in politics, public policy, and government affairs.

Opportunities in Public Affairs
Government affairs, legislative policy, PR, communications, fundraising, research, writing, and journalism jobs and internships.

Jobs to Careers 
Search engine for security jobs by state.
Features the latest data, statistics, and employment requirements from judicial districts across the nation so as to offer a resource to men and women interested in pursuing careers in corrections.

Cyber Security Guide 
The field of cybersecurity has grown rapidly and includes a wide variety of jobs. Utilize this guide to gain insight about entry-level career options and how your career can progress in the field. Review job outlook information, learn about common job requirements, cybersecurity job resources and free online learning resources.

Industry Connections for Government, International Affairs and Public Policy

If you're an employer that is interested in recruiting from this population of students at The Ohio State University, we've made it easy for you! Assistant Director of Industry Connections Addie Cheney is your point of contact. Addie can help you explore our Career Fairs and Expos, our signature programs, and develop a recruiting strategy to hire from the high-caliber and diverse population of students and recent alumni.

Addie Cheney, Assistant Director of Industry Connections (headshot)

Addie Cheney

Assistant Director of Industry Connections

Addie joined the Career Success team in the fall of 2021. Prior to this, she worked in the international higher education space for more than 12 years.  

Addie has a passion for learning and building international connections, as evidenced by her Bachelor of Arts in German Studies from Miami University, and her Master of Arts in Germanic Languages and Literature from The Ohio State University. Addie has lived, studied and worked abroad, spending a memorable year in Berlin, Germany during her graduate studies.

As part of the Industry Connections team, she will be building and nurturing relationships with businesses, supporting their talent engagement goals and helping them explore and connect with the deep pool of student talent within the College of Arts and Sciences.