Visiting Campus

Office Location

100 Denney Hall
164 Annie & John Glenn Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210

A student works on her resume in the lobby of Career Success' offices in Denney Hall on the campus of The Ohio State University

Directions to the Career Success office

Visitors are encouraged to park in the Tuttle Garage. Please be advised that the Arps Garage, although closer to Denney Hall, is not accessible to visitors before 4:00pm Monday through Friday.

Plan your travel time carefully: Allot 7-10 minutes to walk from the parking garage to Denney Hall. In addition, current construction projects and heavy pedestrian and automobile traffic may impact your arrival time. Download the OSU Mobile app from iTunes or Google Play for walking directions from the garage to our office.

When walking from the Tuttle Garage to the office:

  1. Exit the garage on the east side. Turn right to walk south.
  2. You will pass the Tuttle Park Place shops and the Enarson Classroom Building, walking along Millikin Road.
  3. Turn left at Annie and John Glenn Avenue to walk east and cross over Neil Avenue. Continue heading east on Annie and John Glenn Avenue.
  4. The office is located on the north side of Annie and John Glenn Avenue, adjacent to a small open green space. Enter on the west side of the building; room 100 is located on the same level as the entrance.

Travel directions to the campus from the airport and the central freeways are found at

Parking Instructions

When you enter the parking garage, please take a ticket from the dispensing machine near the gate. All garage fees are collected upon exit. A maximum of two complimentary parking vouchers will be provided to each organization per visit. Additional vehicles are expected to pay the hourly rate (daily maximum around $15.75) in the parking garage upon exit. Cash and credit cards are accepted.

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Visit the offices of Career Success, located in Denney Hall, to explore all that we offer students and employers.