Resume Review

A student works on their resume with the help of a Peer Career Coach

The Center for Career and Professional Success specializes in resume preparation for the internship or job search. For assistance preparing a CV or resume for graduate or professional school admissions, contact Buckeye Careers.

Those seeking an appointment with a Career Coach are strongly encouraged to work through the process of developing an approved resume before scheduling. Students can do so by either having their resumes reviewed during Drop-In Hours OR by following the process for an electronic resume review. When you begin with an approved resume, more of the appointment time can be devoted to discussing your career options.

An approved resume is free from errors or consists of errors that can be quickly fixed. Think of your resume as a living document that grows and changes as you gain experience through volunteering, internships, part-time jobs, and other opportunities. Continue to update your resume and have it reviewed by a staff member as you add more experience. Staff members are willing to provide feedback multiple times over the course of your Ohio State career.


New this year, ASC Career Success offers the Career Studio, a dynamic drop-in space where all ASC students can stop by without an appointment to get on-the-go career guidance from their peers. Student Peer Career Coaches can answer questions about resumes, cover letters, searching for a job or internship, and they can even help you set up a one-on-one appointment with a professional Career Coach!


The Career Studio is open for unlimited visits Tuesday through Friday in-person inside the West entrance of Denney Hall. Important Notice: The Studio will be closed during university closures and holidays such as Labor Day, Fall Break, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, MLK Jr. Day, Spring Break, and during Finals Week. Additionally, the Studio will not be available during Career Fair days on September 7th, October 3rd, October 31st, November 17th, January 23rd, and February 26th.

Drop In


What kind of questions might you bring to the Career Studio?

  • I’m currently undecided about my major. What resources exist to help me with my decision?
  • I have no idea what I want to do after I graduate. What can I do to figure it out?
  • I’ve never made a resume before – where do I start?
  • I’ve been told that I should get an internship. How do I do that?
  • I have a job interview coming up. How can I best prepare?