Resume Review

A student works on their resume with the help of a Peer Career Coach

The Center for Career and Professional Success specializes in resume preparation for the internship or job search. For assistance preparing a CV or resume for graduate or professional school admissions, contact Career Counseling and Support Services.

Those seeking an appointment with a Career Coach are strongly encouraged to work through the process of developing an approved resume before scheduling. Students can do so by either having their resumes reviewed during Express Resume Review hours OR by following the process for an electronic resume review. When you begin with an approved resume, more of the appointment time can be devoted to discussing your career options.

An approved resume is free from errors or consists of errors that can be quickly fixed. Think of your resume as a living document that grows and changes as you gain experience through volunteering, internships, part-time jobs, and other opportunities. Continue to update your resume and have it reviewed by a staff member as you add more experience. Staff members are willing to provide feedback multiple times over the course of your Ohio State career.


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Express Resume Reviews have concluded for Spring semester and will resume in the Fall. Please check back in August for our hours for AU22. If you need help with your resume over the summer, please schedule an appointment with a Career Coach or use VMock, which you can learn more about below. 

College of Arts and Sciences students can connect with a Peer Career Coach during Express Resume Review hours to have a digital copy of their resume reviewed. Learn who our Peer Career Coaches are, and check out our tip sheets if you need information about how to draft a resume. During an Express Resume Review, you may also receive guidance about writing cover letters, preparing for interviews, and obtain a brief tutorial on the use of Handshake.


If you require an in-person Express Resume Review appointment, please email and indicate your need so we can best support you.

If you have a question about your resume, cover letter, or any other internship or job-related materials during this time, we encourage you to schedule a meeting with your Career Coach.

Electronic Review
If you are unable to participate in Express Resume Review hours due to scheduling conflicts or other circumstances, you may submit your resume for review electronically (instructions below). Please note that electronic resume reviews typically take between 3 and 5 business days; processing time may increase during busy times of the year (e.g. before a career fair or at the beginning of a semester).

  • Upload the current version of your resume to your Handshake account.
  • Contact the Arts and Sciences Career Services Office at to request a review and include a few sentences about how you are planning to use the resume. For instance, is there a specific position you'll be applying for, or do you need it for a career fair? Providing details about the types of positions you are trying to qualify for will allow the reviewer to evaluate your resume's overall effectiveness. If you are interested in meeting with a Career Coach, please note this.
  • A staff member will follow up with you to provide electronic feedback about your document.
VMock (company logo)

VMock is an online resume review tool that is free to students in the College of Arts and Sciences. Once you've uploaded a copy of your resume, VMock uses Artificial Intelligence to review your resume and benchmark it across peers in your industry. VMock then provides immediate, actionable feedback to help you make high-impact changes! Learn how to use this powerful tool here.

And don't forget to schedule an appointment with your Career Coach to take the next steps on your internship or career journey!