Natural, Mathematical, and Life Sciences


Profiles and Real Job Documents PhDs in Mathematical, Natural and Life Sciences

View actual transition stories from PhDs in NMS programs from their PhD or Postdoc into Industry, Business, Consulting, Technology, Biotechnology, Nonprofits, and Government careers. You must log in to VersatilePhD first to view these documents. Versatile PhD is available to all Graduate students at The Ohio State University.


 Templates and Lists

  • Natural and Mathematical and Life Sciences resume template [.docx]: This Microsoft Word based template provides a basic structure and outline for NMS PhDs to translate your skills and experiences into a resume.

  • Cover Letter Template [.docx]: This Microsoft Word based template provides a basic structure and outline, along with expert tips for PhDs. This template should be specifically tailored for each job or position application and should serve mostly as an outline.

  • Transferable Skills list [pdf]: A list of skills earned during a doctoral degree articulated as transferable across industries.

  • Active Verb list [pdf]: A list of active verbs to help you write resume bullet points (google folder)



Favorite Links and Resources for NMS Graduate Students

  • iBiology: Curious about career choices in the life sciences? Successful scientists share their experiences in these short videos from a variety of careers in education, industry, government, and more.
  • Science Lives Podcast: Podcast interviews of a diverse array of guests to provide nuts-and-bolts information about lesser known scientific careers. Guests share personal stories of challenges encountered along their educational and career paths.
  • Beyond the Professoriate: Profiles of transitioning PhDs and free monthly webinars on career related topics including Job Search, resume writing and networking
  • PhDs@Work: Profiles of PhDs working across industries with a week in the life section to really understand the day-today, blog posts and podcasts