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Career preparation for those pursuing graduate degrees

The Ohio State University Graduate Studies, in partnership with ASC Career Success delivered a graduate student career webinar on December 10, 2021, focused on discovery, career decision making and the formulation of a career plan. This webinar included two external colleagues from the University of Texas, who are facilitated the virtual event.


A quick illustrated video about the career exploration process and what to expect as a STEM PhD student.

The career and professional development needs of graduate students differ from those of undergraduate students. Career Success is pleased to provide these resources to help graduate students from the College of Arts and Sciences prepare for their lifetime of opportunity.

Masters and Doctoral students and scholars at The Ohio State University have access to multiple online resources to self-assess their skills, interests and values and discover career options they may not be aware of.  Use the tools on this section of our website to identify your strengths and learn strategies to translate your doctoral work into a variety of career paths. Explore profiles of PhDs working in different careers, and view sample application documents for different industries and positions. 

The PhD Career Discovery Process

Learn how to use your doctoral research skills for career exploration in this Inside Higher Education article that aligns the process of career exploration with the research discovery process: Using your Research Skills for Career Exploration


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